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When it comes to renegotiation, Marc Freeman is simply the very best. He renegotiated $140 million worth of equipment, carrier and fiber contracts for my international telecommunications company.  Marc did this with such integrity and clarity that vendors actually felt good after the final settlement, which speaks volumes for his unique skills and abilities.
—Dr. Christopher W. Hartnett Chairman, USA Global Link

Mypoints, Inc. was legally (and hopelessly) stuck with an outgrown, long-term contract. Our legal department saw no way out of this contract. To everyone’s surprise, Marc created a deal in a relatively short period of time that was acceptable to all. He saved Mypoints literally millions of dollars. His style is such that our integrity remained intact with our vendors and the relationships ended on a positive note. I would highly recommend Marc to solve any difficult negotiation or situation your company might have.
—John Steuart, Founder and Principal Savvy Real Estate Services, Inc. (former CFO Mypoints, Inc.)

Before taking in Marc’s workshop on renegotiation, I regularly experienced anxiety and great reluctance in regard to business confrontations, even when I knew that I was in the right. A week after the workshop I discovered that my attitude had altered to the point where I was able to participate with tolerance, strength, and humor, in a conflict involving three different companies. What a change!
—Samantha Wallace, Independent Writer

I thoroughly enjoyed the renegotiating workshop with Marc Freeman. He is a highly entertaining presenter who is knowledgeable in both business and personal renegotiations. I have found the techniques to be extremely valuable and hired him to renegotiate on my behalf, with wonderful results!. Even the other parties were satisfied after talking with him! Thanks Marc!
—Lonica Halley, Owner Natural Selections

Renegotiation is part of business — it’s also part of life. Marc Freeman has a deep understanding of what it takes to get two sides to work out their differences in an ethical way. His workshop is lively, insightful, thought-provoking and lots of fun. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to become better at the business of life.
—Ronald B. Stakland, CEO, SoilSoup, Inc.

I found Mark’s seminar highly informative with many useful points for any business or individual. I implemented some of Marc’s principles the very next day with great success. This workshop gives greater meaning to the phrase “Win win”.
—Carl Stone, Real Estate Investor

This workshop is a “MUST DO” for lawyers. Lawyers tend to get lost in facts and law. Marc’s workshop gives us important tools for resolving conflicts and reaching solutions that serve our client and our client’s relationships.
—Len Labagh, Attorney