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Marc Freeman has renegotiated hundreds of millions of dollars of contracts for companies all over the world. He will successfully renegotiate your most difficult situations without compromising your reputation or integrity.

Calling in the Cavalry

When negotiations stall or look hopeless, when you think nothing further can be achieved, this is the time to call Marc to renegotiate on your behalf.

Mypoints, Inc. was legally (and hopelessly) stuck with an outgrown, long-term contract. Our legal department saw no way out of this contract. To everyone’s surprise, Marc cobbled together a deal in a relatively short period of time that was acceptable to all. He saved Mypoints literally millions of dollars. His style is such that our integrity remained in tact with our vendors and the relationships ended in a positive note. I would highly recommend Marc to solve any difficult negotiation or situation your company might have.

—John Stewart, Founder and Principal
Savvy Real Estate Services, Inc.
(former CFO Mypoints, Inc.)