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Renegotiating with Integrity
It’s Not Business, It’s Personal


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Life is constantly changing, and those changes affect both our professional and personal commitments. What we do when a contract can't be fulfilled? We renegotiate. Marc Freeman coaches you through the process of renegotiation using real-life examples from his 35 years of experience. Easy, effective communication techniques help you reach new understandings while maintaining a positive relationship for the future.

272 pages
9.25 x 6.12 x .75 inches
©Copyright 2006 by Marc Freeman


"Unlike other writers about negotiation, Marc Freeman has the self confidence and class to tell us what he has learned from his failures as well as his successes."

—Steven P. Cohen, President, The Negotiating Skills Company

"A fresh way to look at negotiating."

—Roger Fisher, Professor, Harvard Negotiation Project;
author of "Getting to Yes."

"Marc Freeman provides readers with great insights regarding the renegotiation of existing relationships and contracts. He provides a detailed set of principles to guide people through successful renegotiations."

—Charles Craver, Professor, George Washington University Law School;
author of "The Intelligent Negotiator" and
"Effective Legal Negotiation and Settlement"

"I am pleased to tell you that Marcís book is excellent. I have reviewed many negotiation books and this one I can highly recommend to my clients. What sets his book apart from others is that the negotiation advice is very realistic unlike many academic negotiation publications. It also covers a very important field of negotiation (renegotiation) that is not widely written about. Although he doesnít use the standard academic terminology for certain negotiation behaviors, he is accurate in his descriptions and usage of the strategies and tactics. His writing style and examples are very engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the book."

—Holly Schroth, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Haas School of Business,
University of California, Berkeley

"Marc Freemanís passion in his innovative book really shines! My company is all about integrity, and Marc's book just made it a lot easier for us to create alliances with even more clarity, power, and joy!"

—Janet Attwood, Founder, Enlightened Alliances, LLC;
author of "The Passion Test"